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  • Hotel Lock System Elevator Reader
Hotel Lock System Elevator Reader

Hotel Lock System Elevator Reader

  • Product No.:2020516173127
  • Price:$90
  • Application:Hotel/Motel/Apartment/Flat/School/Office
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Elevator reader is a part of HiRead proUSB hotel lock system, guest card just can arrive correct floor.

* Elevator reader PCB can be provided also, because some hotels have their reader plastic cover.

1, Elevator Reader 1pc
2, Elevator Button Controller 1pc (1pc control 8 floors, if 16 floors need to control, 2pcs controller will be sent)
3, Power Supplier 1pc
4, Wires (connect controller to elevator button)

Program Steps:
1, Read system card
2, Read room number setting card(the first floor of any room number setting card)
3, Read time card

For example:
Want to control 3~10 floors 

* 3~10 have 8 floors, so 1pc controller is enough.
1, Connect the first connector to floor 3th button of elevator.
2, Connect the second connector to floor 4th button.
8, Connect the eight connector to floor 10th button.

9,Connect the power.
10, Read system card.
11, Read 301 room number setting card(or any room number setting card in floor 3th).
12, Read time card.