How does a hotel guest room card switch work?

How does a hotel guest room card switch work?

Hireadlock provide 4 types switches:
1, 125KHz T57 Switch
2, 125KHz T57 Program Switch
3, 13.56MHz M1 Switch
4, 13.56MHz M1 Program Switch

How are they work? Let's introduce for you.

125KHz T57 switch, used with T57 card, it is universal, any T57 cards or 125KHz cards can active the switch.

125KHz T57 program switch, it is a part of HIREAD proUSB hotel lock system. It works just like hotel guest room lock, need to program before using. 
This type switch only function when insert correct room key card in valid time. So guests can not take power after check-in time finished.
It helps hotels save energy and use a positive method to push guests leave room.

13.56MHz M1 switch, used with M1 S50 card, it is universal, any 13.56MHz Mifare S50 card can active it.

13.56MHz M1 program switch, like T57 program switch, need to be programmed before using. 

Type 1 and Type 3 can be used for any hotels, hotels can but them according to key card types.

Type 2 and Type 4 just can be used with our hotel lock system, it is better to buy hotel locks from us also, so guest use 1 card to open lock and take power.

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