How does a hotel door lock work?

 How does a hotel door lock work?

Hotel door lock is a kind of programmable lock, need to program before using. 
Hotel lock is just a part of hotel lock system, a full system should including hotel door lock, key card, software, encoder and hotel card switch.

Hotel door lock software install in receiption PC or front desk PC, in order to manage guest cards conveniently. 

Encoder is a hotel key card reader and writer, it connect to receiption PC or front desk PC, write room and time data to cards, and read related data from card and show them in software.

Key card is a electronic key, contain check-in data, guest key card just can open lock in correct room and in valid time.

Hotel door lock, is the access control of guest room, read key card to open door. 

For example:

Program hotel door lock steps of HiRead proUSB hotel lock system:
1, Add rooms in software
2, Issue system card
3, Issue guest key card (e.g. Room 301)
4, Read system card for once
5, Read guest key card 3 times (e.g. Room 301)
6, After these steps, this lock belongs to room 301.

After programmed, lock start to work, and it only action when read coorect room key card in valid time, any other room key card or correct room key card in invalid time can not open lock.

Because hotel lock can judge a card is a key card or not a key card, and determine to open lock, or warning when reading a key card, hotel lock also called intelligent lock or smart lock.

Of course, there are some employee cards or servicer cards that can open locks also, it helps hotel owner to manage guest rooms easier and with high efficiency, at the same time, guarantee the hotel guest room security with a high level.

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